“SilverTop” AntiCoronavirus Covers for School Desks

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[Elementary school in Fara Olivana (BG) – Italy]

Healthy surfaces gha after application

Healthy Surfaces with G.H.A.®

G.H.A.® (patent n.EP1207220) is the latest, innovative technology suitable for surfaces of any aluminum-based alloy. It consists of a special anodic oxidation treatment, with a programmable thickness from 5 to 200 μm, which is followed by a sealing of the micropores with silver ions (Ag+).


On the surface layer of oxide (Al2O3), characterized by high hardness (500 ÷ 600 HV) and refractoriness (Melting temperature 2100 °C), ionic silver exponentially increases resistance to corrosion and abrasion, bestowing the surface of pieces treated with G.H.A.® particular biotechnological properties with extremely interesting applications.

In recent years, awareness of the importance of adequately sanitized surfaces, treated through natural and sustainable methods, has been growing. In many industrial production settings, one of the biggest challenges lies in attempting to obtain the optimal surface properties of components. For this reason, surface engineering techniques are frequently used to obtain the best balance between the properties of the surface part and those of the substrate and to minimize the costs of expensive high-performance materials.

Hence, the G.H.A.® technology has countless applications, relevant to many fields: automatic food and pharmaceutical packaging machines, automotive, nautical, components for industrial machines in general, kitchen utensils, heat exchangers, electro-medical, filters for air and liquids, elements and finishes for hygiene.

Our health in fact depends on countless factors such as air, water and food: the healthiness of surfaces is therefore essential to our interactions with humans.

Prevent epidemic outbreaks and contain their spread

Canteen tables covered with gha

Therefore “Healthy Surfaces” can be defined as all those that contribute to the sanitizing of air, water and food, eliminating and reducing harmful transfers of microbes. The first step towards creating these “Healthy Surfaces” is the innovative G.H.A.® technology, which boasts proven antimicrobial properties and is already widely used in the industrial field in many sectors.

In particular, we want to sanitize an environment by reducing the risk of contamination by direct contact. In this way, the G.H.A.® treatment with silver ions is particularly important for reducing the risk of contamination in domestic environments, in the workplace, and in schools to prevent epidemic outbreaks and contain their spread for safe socializing in public places. Unlike those treated by common disinfectants, G.H.A.® treated surfaces are able to ensure continuous protection thanks to the presence of ionic silver always on the surface. This difference is based on the method of attack: while chemical antimicrobials interact with a specific site of the microbe, natural antimicrobials, such as silver ions, use multiple attack mechanisms at different sites preventing the re-proliferation of microbes.

The current state of scientific knowledge on silver ions attests to its antibacterial, anti-mold, antifungal and anti-algae activity, and positive results are expected to be obtained regarding the validity of the G.H.A.®  treatment as a virucide. In particular, this latter suggested function is supported by scientific research that sees silver as a powerful antimicrobial and inhibitor of some of the mechanisms of viral infection, demonstrated on HIV, Herpes simplex and, more recently, on many viruses of the Coronavirus family: recently the valence has been validated on Coronavirus (RNA virus) and, in particular, the SARS-CoV2 virus.

The multiple fields in which G.H.A.® technology is already in use present valid support for its predicted applications.

The G.H.A. Surfaces®, in addition to being antimicrobial, also have a sanitizing effect on the surrounding air, influencing the vital volume of the rooms.

G.H.A. Surfaces® of varying dimensions and appearance are durable, anti-corrosion, anti-wear, anti-static. They also self-sanitize continuously, without needing to be cleaned with disinfectant / chemical products, and can thus be used for the construction of flooring, coatings, etc. in many environments: ​​hospitals, homes, offices, etc. The technology can also be used for the creation of other surfaces: filters for ventilation systems, masks, filters for cars, heated towel rails, objects which comply to the MOCA law for food, for commercial purposes, the HORECA sector, fair trade sector, wellness sector, hospitals and nursing homes. Action must be widespread to counter contagion and reduce the risk of contamination, in order to have a big impact on society.

Anticoronavirus COVID19 Materials Comparison

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Details of the antimicrobial cover at the edges of the teacher’s desk

The antimicrobial surfaces G.H.A.® can be customized with laser marking for all your applications.

Laser marking does not affect the sanitizing benefit of the surface, because laser is programmed to not reach the base of the cover and to not damage the surface.



The project involved the Fara Olivana con Sola (BG – Italy) elementary school and consisted in retrofitting “SilverTop G.H.A.®” covers to 80 school desks (70x50cm) and 5 teachers’ desks (130x70cm), which approximately equates to desks for 5 school classes. G.H.A.® covers were also applied to 11 canteen tables (130x70cm) and 1 large table (261x100cm).

Elementary class - BEFORE

Healthy surfaces gha application

Elementary class - AFTER

Healthy surfaces gha after application

Cleaning and Maintenance

The G.H.A. Surfaces® are self-sanitizing. Where excessive dirt is deposited, their cleaning can be made simple with common detergent products. We do not recommend excessively acidic or basic products (no bleach). Products should preferably be neutral.

The ministerial product “Oxy” by Kiter Srl, a disinfectant detergent, was also tested, for which there are no contraindications on the G.H.A.® treatment (link), although there is no need to disinfect since the sanitizing action of the silver ions occurs continuously and naturally.

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