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What is G.H.A.®

G.H.A.® is the most recent and innovative technology regarding Hard Anodising Aluminum Treatment, that involves Silver ions (Ag+) on a metal-ceramic surface. G.H.A.® treatment is a special Hard Anodization feasible on every aluminium part. The presence of Silver grants to G.H.A.® treatment a high resistance to corrosion and abrasive wear, plus a 100% antimicrobial and anti-static effect. Moreover G.H.A.® treatment is compliant with all major food and pharma regulations in force.

A little bit more about Special Hard Anodization

The market is taking more interest in natural solutions to combat bacteria, virus, mold and fungus; few technologies nowadays use silver ions to guarantee top hygiene standards, but thanks to the combination of the biotechnological properties of Hard anodizing and of Silver ions Ag+, G.H.A.® treatment provides the surface with a much longer life-span.


Aluminium become Aluminox

Engineers are looking forward to finding a light metal having a specific weight of about 65% less than steel, having better resistance to corrosion than stainless steel, having a better abrasive wear resistance than hardened steel and, why not, having antibacterial properties.

If such a material would be available, it will drastically improve all the projects involving automotive components, automatic packaging machines (food, pharma, etc.), nautical industry, household appliances, kitchen components and components for industrial equipments.

As a matter of fact a drastic weight reduction without giving up a good mechanical solidity, it means to reduce energy consumption and inertial phenomena for all the in motion components. It also means a considerable cost reduction in purchasing and manufacturing, when using aluminum instead of stainless steel.

Well, such an extraordinary and innovative material has been recently developed and it consists of aluminum-based alloys with G.H.A.®  treatment.

Why G.H.A.®

G.H.A.® treated aluminium often represents a valid alternative to  stainless steel and titanium because:

  • is approximately three and two times lighter respectively;
  • cost less because of cheaper raw material;
  • aluminium allows for easier and faster mechanical machining;
  • permits energetic savings (aluminium production, recycling and lightness).

G.H.A.® is a valid alternative also to more expensive coatings as TIN, PVD, CVD, Hard Chrome, Electroless Nickel, Nickel-Teflon, etc..

Please notice, G.H.A.® treatment is also very interesting from an economic point of view, because it uses the silver, an expensive metal, in its atomic condition that is small a homogeneously distributable. The silver ion is very reactive and it gives the outstanding properties listed in this page.

Summary of the biological properties:
  • Anti-bacteria
  • Anti-mold and anti-mildew
  • Anti-mite
  • Anti-fungus
  • Anti-alga
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-parasite
Summary of the biological benefits:
  • Purifies water
  • Purifies air
  • Stimulates natural defenses
  • Natural remedy
  • Non-allergenic – Nickel free
  • Non-chemicals products needed
  • NO Antibiotic resistance
  • Multipathogen effect (Antibiotic just for a virus at time)

Biotechnological properties:

MaterialHardness HVMelting temperature °CCoefficient of frictionAntimicrobial capacityCorrosion resistance SSTWear resistanceMachinability
Aluminium alloy70÷100680°C0.44None100 Hours100 HoursVery High
Aluminium oxide G.H.A.® treated500÷5502100°C0.025Very High10.000 Hours100.000 HoursHigh, thanks to the aluminium base
Hard anodizing500÷5502100°C0.15None200÷500 Hours10.000 HoursHigh, thanks to the aluminium base
Stainless steel150÷11501400÷1500°C0.57None1.000 Hours1.000 HoursVery Low
Titanium300÷4001700°C0.32None5.000 Hours1.000 HoursVery very Low

Certification of G.H.A.® Special Hard Anodizing

Download Here the Document

Download Here the Document

As already stated in the specific section, G.H.A. ® treatment has important antibacterial properties, as evidenced by the results of biological analyzes carried out in Japan and Italy.

Download Here the Document

G.H.A.® treatment, as well as normal anodic oxidation, is a suitable food contact treatment. It should be pointed out that the technology involves an aluminum transformation, not a covering coating and as such resembles the characteristics of the base metal. It is important therefore that the material used to make food contact details falls into the food specifications.

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