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Our Philosophy

In the search for innovative products and products of problem-solving, Luxindustrial develops a global channel, looking for new changes.
Using global resources, we have been developing a unique enterprise that pioneers the search for opportunities by initiating new business with our venture’s spirit in the most efficient and cost-effective manner for our customers.

Our Mission

Based in the City of London, for the international view, with a Bolognese heart, the capital of Packaging Valley and Motor Valley and Food Valley, in Italy, Luxindustrial is dedicated to export, import and transfer mechanical technologies, helping your business to grow faster.

Our Asset

The core asset of Luxindustrial is business matchmaking, providing a turnkey Business Development thanks to its circle of friends, associates and influential customers in Italy and throughout the world.

Driving innovation and impact in global development

The increase of the world’s population and of its lifestyle influence our environmental and ecological systems. It is the challenge of companies to develop innovative industrial solutions to make our world more sustainable with respect to everyone. Sustainability will be the new paradigm for industrial progress.

In this view, future innovations and challenges will be aimed to the context of Sustainable development. We, as Luxindustrial, have dedicated ourselves to discover and rediscover past and new technologies that give us the opportunity to innovate thinking about the planet where we live.
This context will give you the opportunity to innovate and be technologically ready for change by acquiring sustainable points for your company.

Discovering new technologies in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, and bringing innovation to achieve our customer’s objectives while protecting the environment and ensuring the business channel, through the export-import and R&D, it is an activity that matter, now more than ever.

Luxindindustrial will be an exclusive regional pioneer in applying the latest and appropriate technologies that will enhance its performance, improve its efficiency and reduce its operating costs in an environmentally friendly manner.

Partners have a fundamentals role because having the first-hand experience and the core technologies that underlie excellent materials and products developed, as well as fresh technologies, materials and products currently under development, so as to offer new business solutions.

Linking the business partners’ challenges, ideas and potential needs with its proprietary technologies to create innovative products, technologies and services, thereby it’s possible to initiating a tide of innovation.

Some people never go crazy. What a sad life they must lead

– Charles Bukowski

Erjon Nebiu
Buildings Designer and Sales Dept.
Costantino Cicerchia
Engineering and Project Dept.