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Real progress happens only when advantages of a new technology become available to everybody

– Henryย  Ford –

At Luxindustrial we believe in sustainable innovation, offering a Technology Providing Platform for trading, R&D, prototyping, and the industrialization of solutions and new models for society’s progress.

We believe in Saving the Planet by finding eco-friendly models of innovation: we tackle environmental problems with innovative technologies to provide next-level solutions to reduce the environmental strain on our planet and future.

There are three main pillars of Luxindustrial: the first is “Application Technologies“, applying patented or very high-level technologies to a wide range of issues, relevant to various sectors. This starts by making a sample of the component best-suited to solving your issue and then implementing it within projects or processes.
Just give it a go!

Second is the “Engineering” pillar, for those who have understood the importance of the Application Technologies pillar but struggle to apply it to their products or systems. We offer a consulting and technical development service which involves reverse engineering, industrial design and facilitates the first stage of industrialization, implementing innovative technologies and reaping instant rewards.
Efficiency is a must.

The third pillar is “Trading Sustainable Technologies“, Italy-World, – technologies such as materials, systems or machines. This starts with exploration and the application of “open innovation” techniques in a systematic and cost-effective manner, in partnership with main market players and consortiums of companies or as-a-service. Crucial to this is the existing network and fostering the right relationship between the ones innovating and the ones applying the technology, between market and environment.


G.H.A. ยฎ

G.H.A.ยฎ is the best technology for aluminium alloys.


Technology cultureย At-the-service: Quality always starts withย Material Analysis.


The Italian Investment Casting, because the real Made-in-Italy is matters.

Industrial Design

We provide engineering, technical design and industrial feasibility studies to innovate with consistency

Business Development

We bring your product or service to numerous European players through our network

Mechanical-Technology Consulting

We offer multiple technologies and support the right attitude for their implementation

Architectural Strategy

We support for constant and conscious development of the place of tomorrow

Workflow Example
Equipment for Innovation
Industrial Design
Project Innovation
Mechanical Tech. Consulting

Luxindustrial business model

The ever-increasing complexity of today’s work systems requires structures to facilitate the application of innovative solutions and technologies in the industry with positive effects on society and on the environment.

Luxindustrial aims to take care of the import/export and of the success models thanks to its very flexible consulting structure, providing engineering, technical design and public relations services to European companies seeking to expand onto international markets.


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