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G.H.A. Europe S.r.l

GHA Europe is the latest born of Remet group, in 2004, and since it was located in the “Packaging Valley” in Bologna (Italy), it has had a continuous success. So, for an automatic packaging machine, that needs to be light to go fast, have a strong surface resistance for food contact, and antimicrobial properties, G.H.A.® becomes crucial.

Over the years, in many other sectors, GHA Europe has proven to be a game-changer, presenting one of the most effective material technology applicable industrially.

Let us help you to get this innovation within your projects.

Patented Technology

G.H.A.® is the best technology for aluminium alloys nowadays, involving Silver ions on a Hard Anodization. This innovative and patented treatment grants mechanical parts to benefit the combination of Aluminium, Ceramic and Silver: lightness, food contact, hardness, corrosion resistance, antimicrobial, antiscratch, antiwear, thermal resistance, self-lubricant, recyclability, machinability.

If designers were to have access to such a material, they would drastically improve projects and products such as, for example, automatic packaging machine, automotive components, nautical parts, industrial systems, architecture and kitchenware.

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Forsider S.r.l


Forsider, since 1998, has been devoted to bringing back the ancientest technology for industrial purposes that the human being has ever seen. Nowadays, Investment casting is back in vogue thanks to the Additive manufacturing. The combination of these two technologies and the competence given by the experience of people in the field, allows new incredible performances to mechanical parts, in a short time and at the right price: we call this new technology 3D-Microfusion.

The standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 is further evidence of the quality that the company is committed to, as well as the plant’s continuous improvements through periodic renovations, recently at the “Industry 4.0” level.

Ancient Technology

Investment Casting has very ancient roots because it was invented for sculpting (around 3.000 B.C.): the most fascinating sculptures that this technology can boast are the Riace bronzes, the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna, along with many others especially during the Renaissance. The technique had the value of allowing for more artistic freedom and creativity than did sculpting with stone. One of the greatest artists of modern times to use this technique is A. Pomodoro.

This shows how the technique is very well rooted in Italy, and in the last century it got an important revival because of the industry: Quality details, Flexibility, Rapidity and Precision, make the Investment Casting one of the most significant examples of the Made-in-Italy.

Forsider‘s equipe is ready to optimize the production process right from the design stage to reconcile results, times and offers.

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Remet Group


REMET is a solid and well-established Bolognese company (Italy) that since 1970 has been producing metallographic equipment, selling measuring instruments, and making materials analysis. REMET has been the first laboratory under contract at the service of the mechanical industry in the Emilia-Romagna region, and Bologna’s well-known Interland boost its success to the national level. Moreover, REMET is the only manufacturing company in Italy that produces metallographic equipment and is known by industry the world over for making machines with the best Quality/Price ratio.

For all these reasons, it is clear that REMET’s strength is a combination of many abilities which come together to solve customer problems.

Analysis, Diagnosis and Solving-therapy

Technology culture, Problem-solving oriented approach to customer service, Cost-effective & Reliable solutions and Tailor-Made development program have been the principles that always animate REMET busyness. Starting from this background, REMET drives its vision to bring industrially concrete innovation just-in-time to all companies in the group and “At the service“.

Technical assistance, from the very first machines produced, and technical training courses, complete the overview that can call this systematic approach, the “REMET way“.

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ESI® is an innovative complex metalcluster that continuously emits silver Ag+ and other ions. This emission of ions exerts an antimicrobial action on objects and the environment, disinfecting continuously with complete safety and silence.

ESI® are innovative ionic materials, light, durable, resistant to corrosion and wear.

Advanced Ionic-Materials

  • No energy source is required.
  • No chemicals are required.
  • Everlasting filtration with ionic power.
  • Timeless sensation of touch.
  • Basic and Luxury lines are now available


A new technology for the production of hyper-light and non-combustible furnishings for boats, cruise ships, aircrafts, and beyond.

Hyper-light furnishings

The 4.0 industry to make panel producs with:

  • higher quality
  • more affordable
  • higher customization
  • just-in-time

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