10+1 JAPANESE HABITS that will change your life

Reading Time: 7 minutes Japanese philosophies that make technologies and tech-companies…because not only engineering matter.

Antimicrobial and Antiwear Gym Equipment

Reading Time: 3 minutes A new metal to make a safer gym, an anti-microbial structural treatment for gym equipment and furniture to sanitize the workout space.

“SilverTop” AntiCoronavirus Covers for School Desks

Reading Time: 4 minutes Prevent epidemic outbreaks and contain their spread thanks to the “Healthy Surfaces” in the most important public spaces.

Antimicrobial Aluminium Furniture for post COVID-19 Places

Reading Time: 2 minutes The importance of antimicrobial furniture for crowded spaces. G.H.A. is the best Anti Microbial technology to design your products.

Antimicrobial Credit Card

Reading Time: 2 minutes Anti Bacterials & Virucidal Credit Card with #SilverIonsPower developed by Luxindustrial in an attempt to combat the current health crisis.