Antimicrobial and Antiwear Gym Equipment

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Have you ever wondered what microbes are lurking at your gym?

Innovative microbe-free metal for dumbbells, barbells and other such equipment will soon become commonplace in sports centers.

At this time of heightened concern for, and interest in, hygiene, the gym is one of the most at-risk places for cross-contamination. A  study* has shown that there are more bacteria on dumbbells than on your toilet seat – 362 times more.

The problem lies in the fact that even the latest best practice for the handling and cleaning of the gym equipment is not very effective: cleaning chemicals do not eliminate bacteria 100%, and when bacteria remains, proliferation is imminent. Moreover, humans can’t live in environments that are continuously undergoing chemically cleaning, because of the risk of breathing in toxic fumes, especially during high-intensity activity.

The ideal solution to have antimicrobial gym tools is G.H.A.® with silver ions!

We know that lightweight aluminium parts treated with G.H.A.® have a total bactericidal effect on the most life-threatening bacteria (Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli, Legionella, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Candida Albicans).

The valence has been validated on Coronavirus (RNA virus) and, in particular, the SARS-CoV2 virus with incomparable results.

Anticoronavirus COVID19 Materials Comparison

By creating a self-sanitizing surface, for instance introducing a protective cover over the handles of tools in the weight room such as barbells, dumbbells and other equipment, we can effectively reduce the bacterial load from each usage, making cleaning with paper towels and sanitizers safer and more effective.

In addition, the G.H.A.® material is compatible with all laws pertaining to contact with food, so it provides the additional safety of avoiding heavy metals on our hands after using non-allergenic equipment (Nickel-free & Chrome-free).

Let’s go deeper into the main characteristic of G.H.A.® with silver ions:

  • DOES NOT blacken
  • DOES NOT leave stains
  • DOES NOT thinning
  • DOES NOT come off
  • DOES NOT lose its effectiveness
  • IS NOT toxic (Nickel free & Chrome free)

Why choose anti-bacterial aluminium over other materials and cleaning methods?


Other materials such as copper, plastics with additives and special paints, are also good solutions, but in terms of product performance they simply do not compare to a structural treatment such as G.H.A.®.

We change completely the substance: G.H.A.® creates components that offer the performance of typical stainless steel and then plus. The material is informally known as ‘Aluminox’ for the high inoxidability of aluminium base, or ‘Microbeless metal’ for the structural performance of antimicrobial features.

The difference between cleaning disinfectants is based on the method of attack: while chemical antimicrobials interact with a specific site of the microbe, natural antimicrobials, such as silver ions, use multiple attack mechanisms at different sites, preventing the re-proliferation of microbes. This is called the ‘multi pathogen’ effect, and it’s great to think that this process occurs naturally and continuously with G.H.A. Surfaces® (link).


Moreover G.H.A.® DOES offer:

  • Anti Corrosion resistance (10 times stainless steel, 2 times titanium, 50 times aluminium)

  • Antimicrobial properties to fight against bacteria, mould, algae and virus thanks to the silver ions – FOREVER effect

  • Benefits for surrounding air and for direct contact with surfaces
  • Anti Scratch resistance (100 times tempered steel)
  • Antistatic properties for dust or powder
  • Anti Odor
  • Color preservation from UV light.

We believe that self-sanitizing technical surfaces will be at the forefront of designers’ and clients’ minds for the foreseeable future by microbe-inhibiting and strong mechanical properties.

This anti-microbial handle can be offered in 3 different colors with the same biotechnological properties: Grey-ChampagneBlack-Matt and Gold-Shine.

The G.H.A. Surfaces®, in addition to being antimicrobial, also have a sanitizing effect on the surrounding air, influencing the vital volume of the rooms.

On this page (link G.H.A.® Technology) you can see all of the characteristics and certifications of this patented treatment which we propose may assist in solving the globally recognized problem of gym hygiene.

We advise precautionary attitudes to limit the spread of the Covid19 Virus as well as that of other, harmful, dangerous bacteria for people.

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