Antimicrobial Aluminium Furniture for post COVID-19 Places

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What makes aluminium furniture good products, GHA makes them perfect!

Emeco was founded to make lightweight, non-corrosive, fire-resistant, torpedo proof chairs for the US Navy. Made of recycled aluminium to last at least 150 years. The classic 1006 Navy Chair has been reinterpreted many times by the witty pencil of Philippe Starck, bringing the brand to the level of design furniture.


How can GHA improve the most designed furniture, already in aluminium benefiting the Antimicrobial property?

G.H.A.ยฎ is a special patented technology involving silver ions and suitable for all aluminium alloys. Silver is well known since ancient ages to be a natural antimicrobial (bacteria, virus, mould, algae, parasite, fungus, โ€ฆ). The advantages of a chair treated with #GHASilverPower, in this moment of unprecedented sanitary uncertainty, are pretty evident especially when these chairs are chosen in many restaurants and coworking places.

Benefiting from the most innovative technology for aluminium nowadays, hard anodic oxidation, GHA has the ability to prevent pathogens from attacking and repel even floating bacteria and any other pathogens that were not already in contact with the surface.

It should also be noted that the G.H.A.ยฎ technologyย doesnโ€™t only neutralize everything that remains in contact, but the purifying effect also acts on the surrounding air, making the restaurant or any other place with intense traffic, naturally safe and healthy, without the use of chemical products for cleaning.

Recently the valence has been validated on Coronavirus (RNA virus) and, in particular, the SARS-CoV2 virus with incomparable results.

Anticoronavirus COVID19 Materials Comparison

Compared to aluminium, or even paints or other most diffused coatings,

GHA is very resistant to scratches and wear and tears, making any product very durable.
The corrosion resistance, moreover, can be exponentialized from 100 hours in SST test (Salt Spray Test) on normal aluminium, to 10.000 hours – yes, tens of thousands – with GHA, rewriting the rules of the game.
When about it comes to fire resistance, aluminium could clearly be a good choice to replace wood, but we have to keep in mind the melting temperature of materials: aluminium melts around 600 ยฐC, GHA melts at 2.100 ยฐC!


This anti-microbial chair can be offered in 3 different colours with the same biotechnological properties: Grey-Champagne, Black-Matt and Gold-Shine.

Whether for commercial purposes or for general use, the G.H.A.ยฎ treatment with silver ions is one of the materials that in the future, as well as in the present, will increasingly prove to be an essential part of everyday use making our environment healthier and providing for high technical performance.
(Learn more about G.H.A.ยฎ Technology)

Luxindustrial aims to develop innovative aluminium furniture with a high impact on people supporting partners in a world with a renewed concern for health and safety, without depriving itself of a creative spirit.

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