Antimicrobial Credit Card

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How can credit cards be improved with anti-bacterial technology?

The advantages of an anti-bacterial credit card at this time of unprecedented sanitary uncertainty are numerous. They include the possibility of using cost-effective technology on a very large scale, as well as benefiting the patented hard anodic oxidation with silver ions on an aluminium base. This has the ability to prevent pathogens from attacking and repel even floating bacteria and any other pathogens that are not already in contact with the card’s surface.
The silver ions then neutralize everything that remains in contact thanks to the antimicrobial property, known since ancient times.

The card is then resistant to scratches and wear and tear, making it very durable.

Old credit card with scratches and microbes

Have you ever thought what is the most valuable object but also the dirtiest?

It’s clear how the money are so dirty, passing freely from hand to hand. This exchanging of money inevitably constitutes a form of transmission of potentially harmful germs.
Protecting customers even from possible contact infections thanks to a credit card on which bacteria cannot nest and make our life safer, is becoming a new must-have.
Despite the increase in electronic transactions, it seems impossible for most people to change their habits so radically so as to avoid completely the handling of cash and cards.
But hope exists thanks to the advanced technology of G.H.A.® with #SilverIonsPower developed by Luxindustrial in an attempt to combat the current health crisis.

The valence has been validated on Coronavirus (RNA virus) and, in particular, the SARS-CoV2 virus with incomparable results.

Anticoronavirus COVID19 Materials Comparison

Not just properties but also Design and product style.


This anti-microbial credit card can be made available in 3 different colours with the same biotechnological proprieties: Grey-Champagne, Black-Matt and Gold-Shine.

Whether for commercial purposes or for general use, the G.H.A.® treatment with silver ions is one of the materials that in the future, as well as in the present, will increasingly prove to be an essential part of everyday use making our environment healthier and providing for high technical performance.
(Learn more about G.H.A.® Technology)

Luxindustrial aims to develop this offer of a highly innovative card for daily use with a financial credit partner in a world with a renewed concern for health and safety, without depriving itself of a creative spirit.

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