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Who is Remet

Remet was founded in 1970 with the aim of offering mechanical companies a new service for the analysis and related diagnostics of metallic and non-metallic materials, electronics, etc (by destructive and non-destructive testing).

In the same year Remet began the production of machines for the preparation of metallographic samples and, together with other devices such as microscopes, durometers, micro-durometers and other instruments for mechanical and technological tests, it is able to provide complete laboratories for quality control.

In addition to having established itself in the activities undertaken, Remet has over time established a group of companies engaged in highly innovative technologies, applicable in various production sectors and, making use of highly qualified technical personnel, is now a unique reality in Italy.

50 years of Mechanical technology

Why Remet in fifty years of activity in the production of machines and materials for Solidography can count on more than 5000 customers and is a winner compared to competitors?

  • has always pursued the goal of solving the customer’s problem, based on the technological culture of materials;
  • has always built simple machines, safe and indestructible, at decidedly advantageous prices;
  • guarantees technical assistance and spare parts also on machines produced at the beginning of the activity;
  • has always made extensive use, on all the equipment, of stainless steel and protective coatings against wear and tear and corrosion such as chemical nickel and GHA;
  • has always carried out training courses for the personnel assigned to testing and researching all the materials, placing itself with its highly specialized staff and its well-equipped laboratories, such as irreplaceable scientific partner for any technical problem of the customer;

Mech.Tech Hub

Technological developments change our world quickly. Industrial markets have to change and adapt continuously for instance due to changing society’s needs or new market trends. This also accounts for Remet and from his background and technological culture, Remet drives its vision to bring industrially concrete innovation just-in-time to all the companies in the group and “At the service“ for the many industries typical of his region: Packaging Valley, Motor Valley, Food Valley, Ancientest University, are just some names that distinguish the uniqueness of this territory in the whole world.

Part of the Remet Group are: Remet, Remet Controlli, G.H.A. Europe, Forsider, LBG, Tecnocontrol.

The esclusive service

Technology culture At-the-service means not just make analysis, not just understand the failure causes, not just certificate the quality…

Technology culture means to talk together with the customer and help him to develop his strategies from the mechanic side of the problem to the business development of the process, bringing real value to the industries.

The Mechanical laboratory is properly the mind for any kind of innovation in the industries, broad-spectrum, and have periodic training with professional trainers, help to bring innovative ideas to reality with consistence.


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