Patented Gold Hard Anodizing with Silver Ions

Anti Wear – Anti Corriosion – Anti Microbial
FDA Compliant – Self Lubricant

The most innovative solution for replacing
Stainless Steel, PTFE, Titanium and avoiding expensive coating
such as PVD, CVD and Nikel plating.

The best alternative material for Automatic Packaging Machines

Luxindustrial is a Partner of G.H.A.® Europe Srl based in Italy.


Choose a material with high resistance to corrosion and wear.
Improve your components and make them lighter and cheaper.

Anti Corrosion

>50.000 Hours

Anti Wear

100.000 Hours


2.7 kg/dm3

Key features of G.H.A.® :

  • Anti Bacterial and Anti Algae
  • Hard Anodising with Silver Ions
  • Anti Static
  • Natural Non-stick
  • Unremovable Structural treatment

G.H.A.® is compliant with all major food and pharma regulations in force.
Cost-effective thanks to its easy machining properties and the price of the aluminium base.
Subject to Tax credit contribution for “Research and Development” as Process innovation.

Some of G.H.A.®  treated parts

The Four-steps innovation process

G.H.A.® 4.0 Plant in Italy

GHA 4.0 Indsutry plants in Italy

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